Gyula Andrássy Foundation

Decision to support the Andrássy Memorial Museum

In March 2018 the Hungarian Government decided to acquire approx. 1.300m2 of the Andrássy palota from the 1st District Municipality and from the City of Budapest (decree 1087/2018 III 13) for the exclusive use of the Andrássy Memorial Museum to be run by the Hungarian National Museum with the co-operation of AGyA. The decision was […]

Digitization of the Andrássy family archive at Levoča/Lőcse

In early 2018 the Andrássy Gyula Foundation received the authorization from the Department of Public Records and Registries of the Slovak Ministry of Interior to digitize the entire unique Andrássy family archive which commences in 1290 and comprises over one million pieces, and covers the period up to approximately 1946. Based in the Archive at […]

Speech of chairman Mark Odescalchi at the statue unveiling

Mr Speaker, Mr Mayor, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen – I am honoured to thank the Government on behalf of the direct descendants of Andrássy Gyula for returning a fine replica of the original statue to its original site. The original statue disappeared after the War as Comrade Rákosi had it melted down with other statues […]

Equestrian statue of Count Gyula Andrássy to be placed by the Parliament

As part of the ongoing renovation of Kossuth Square, replicas of the monuments and statues which were in place in the square prior to World War 2 will be returned to the positions of the original statues. A replica of the equestrian statue of Count Gyula Andrassy will be therefore be returned to its original […]

Prince Paul Odescalchi – obituary of the founder

The Daily Telegraph, June 30, 2014. Prince Paul Odescalchi was an Hungarian noble who resisted the Nazis in Budapest but was branded a class enemy by the communists. Prince Paul Odescalchi, who has died aged 90, was one of the last surviving links with “old Hungary” – that was dominated by a handful of great […]